Gerald Genta

Anyone who calls themselves a watch enthusiast is familiar with the legendary designer, and the mainstream consumer base for watches, whether they realise it or not, is definitely familiar with one or more of his designs.
Arguably the two most desirable watches in the world, the Royal Oak and Nautilus, are Genta designs and they are so in-demand they have achieved “unobtanium” status and high-premiums on the secondary market.
Of course, Genta’s pantheon of designs is by no means limited to those two market-dominating watches.
According to the Gerald Genta Heritage Association, Genta over the span of his career designed 100,000 watches before he died at the age of 80 in 2011. To dig into all 100,000 would be too much to handle in one sitting, and to be honest there are some watch designs some credit to Genta and others do not. So, here some of the best definitive Gerald Genta designs for other brands.



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