Anyone born in the eighties G-shock for us is our present who becomes history!

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Born from a dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." In 1983, CASIO engineer Kikuo Ibe won the battle against the laws of nature. He designed a watch that would resist centrifugal and impact forces, as well as high water pressure. Since then, the name G-SHOCK has become a byword for independence and pushing the limits.


Heartbroken by a broken pocket watch given to him by his father, Mr. Ibe set about creating ‘the unbreakable watch based upon a triple 10 philosophy. It should be water resistant to 10bar, have a minimum 10 year battery life and most importantly, survive a minimum 10 metre drop. This new timepiece would go on to shatter the reputation of a watch as a fragile piece of jewellery.


It began with a reckless challenge  to the conventional wisdom of the day, a developer's belief that  it was possible to construct a watch  that wouldn't break, 
even if dropped, Project Team Tough was formed  to build it in 1981. 


The team created  over 200 prototypes  one after another over a period  of about two years. They finally arrived at  a shock-resistant structure. 
This marked  the birth of a technology  that is tough to the core. 



G-SHOCK has  continued its unceasing  evolution ever since,  in pursuit of greater toughness  in every respect, from structure  and materials to functions.
Today, the development team's  passionate challenge and constant efforts  have reached fruition  in Triple G Resist, a structure with the strength  to withstand 3 types  of gravitational acceleration.


In its pursuit of usability  under any circumstances,  moreover, G-SHOCK realized installation  of Smart Access,  a system assuring agile,  reliable operability.

Stronger than ever,  and targeting even greater strength, G-SHOCK's challenge is never-ending.


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